What is general medical check-up?

A medical examination for people who are not feeling sick or are already sick but the disease is not yet showing serious symptoms.


Why do you need a general checkup?
  • To detect disease that has no/minimal symptoms yet e.g. Diabetes, Pressure, Hepatitis, HIV, t.c.
  • To identify risk factors for common chronic diseases and advise on what to do to prevent or delay their occurrence
How often should you do general Medical Check-Up?

This depends on your age, as follows:

Age in years How often?
Above 65 Once every year or when unusual symptoms are felt
45 – 64 Once every 3 years or when unusual symptoms are felt
19 – 44 Once every 5 years or when unusual symptoms are felt
School Children Schools dictate; usually once every year is ok.



A typical general medical checkup includes

  1. Clinical History taking by a doctor
  2. Physical Examination by a doctor
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Tests to detect or rule out silent diseases
  1. Discussion of the results with the doctor.

Clinical History. The doctor will ask questions about your health and family history of certain diseases e.g. diabetes, pressure, sickle cell, infections, life style, e.t.c.

Physical Examination. The doctor will thoroughly examine your body systems to find out if there is evidence of disease.

Laboratory Diagnostic Tests. Tests on your blood and other samples are done.

Imaging tests such as ultra sound or heart Echo, ECG may also be done.

The doctor interprets the results, and this helps you to understand your health status. Advice is given, and counseling or referral is done if necessary.

 Besides the General Medical Checkup, MBN also offers:

  • Pre-marital / Pre-sexual Medical Checkup Testing for women and men.
  • School Children Medical Checkup Testing.

This is done for individual who want to get together as sexual partners.

The Tests include: Tests for high blood sugar/Diabetes i.e. Fasting Blood Sugar & Glycated Hb (HBA1c), Hepatitis B sAg, Hepatitis C Ag, Syphilis testing RPR/VDRL, HIV Serology, HIV P24 Ag/Ab, HIV DNA PCR, STD advanced profile testing which involves collecting a high vaginal swab (HVS) in females and a urethral swab in males  for culture and sensitivity, as well as for PCR testing for Trichomonas vaginalis (TV), Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Neisseria gonorrhea (NG) and Human Papilloma virus (HPV) the virus that causes cancer of the cervix. Also done is HB Electrophoresis for Sickle cell disease / Carrier state diagnosis.

School Children Medical Checkup Tests include

Blood sugar, CBC, Urine analysis – Chemistry & Microscopy, Pregnancy test if applicable and HIV serology.

 If interested in any of the above services, visit any of our branches or call any of the MBN phone numbers and ask our staff to guide you through. 

You can also Whatsapp MBN on 0751772831 or send an email to to lodge your inquiry